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PROJECT 3 - Kempsey Telecommunications Relocation

Client: Telstra
Project: 730m relocation of existing Fibre optic Cable from Railway bridge to under the Macleay River in Kempsey

Scope of Works

Install 4 x P100 conduits for a total distance of 730m to relocate the existing fibre that runs under the Kempsey Macleay Railway Bridge, this includes 390m of river crossing construction.

Project Sensitivity Areas

  • Existing fibre runs under the railway bridge and keeps getting damaged by vandalism and is required to be relocated deep in the rock bed under the Kempsey Macleay River

  • Local community interest in the project due to the recent damage of Telstra's Cable on several different occasions.

  • No disruption to Kempsey service

  • Local Media Interest in the Project

Kempsey Macleay River View from Railway Bridge All worksites are segregated from the public for maximum safety

Worksite temporary fenced to ensure maximum safety and segregation from the public.

choose worksite locations that ensure the natural vegetation disturbance is kept minimal as well as keeping in mind the noise levels for the local residents.

Small Entry and Exit holes to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment Disturbance to the natural vegetation is kept minimal Bastow Civil have all the necessary plant and equipment

All staff are trained to continually monitor the impact our construction has on the environment and safety of staff and public.

The client is kept up-to-date on the progress of the project on a daily basis.

Conduit installed under the river must be placed deep within the rock bed to ensure that it is permanently secured so the client can continue to offer Kempsey the best possible telecommunications service.



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