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PROJECT 2 - River Crossing

Client: Telstra
Project: A Fibre Optic Cable Relocation Project incorporating a River Crossing.


Due to the drought an existing conduit that was once buried meters under the Hunter River was now exposed and no longer underground. 
The council was also building a new bridge across the river the only problem was that the old bridge contained fibre optic cable installed in conduit running underneath it.  This conduit needed to be relocated.

Continual Drought in the Hunter Region exposed an existing conduit containing Fibre Optic Cable in the Hunter River.

The Old Bridge on the left has conduit containing Fibre Optic Cable running under it and must be relocated prior to it being demolished.
Continual Drought in the Hunter Region exposed an existing
conduit containing Fibre Optic Cable in the Hunter River


Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd and the use of trenchless technology came to the rescue to relocate the conduit from the old bridge into the ground under the river and thus also solving the problem of the exposed conduit. 

Using Horizontal Directional Drilling Bastow Civil Constructions were able to install new conduit deep under the Hunter River into the rock shelf situated meters below to ensure that the existing problem would never occur again.

Even though the ground level was meters above the river level the drill rig was able to be set up in an easily accessible area and drill the required depths to safely install new conduit under the river and up the other side of the embankment and continue to level ground.

Drilling worksite setup is many meters from the river bank to ensure that correct depths can be achieved to install the conduit deep under the river.

Bastow Civil Constructions always ensure that the environment is restored to original conditions.

The environment was left unharmed as all construction work was underground and the only evidence that Bastow Civil Constructions were ever in the area are two small Marker Post indicating the new location of the conduit and fibre Optic Cable at either side of the river.

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