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Horizontal Directional Drilling is not always suitable for all project situations or specific client requirements can often call for the more conventional open cut methods to be utilized to complete projects.

Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd has traditional trenching technique capabilities to conventionally open cut where required.

Trenching Projects require extra attention to the environmental impact on the surrounding area, Bastow Civil Constructions has an extensive Environmental Policy that is always incorporated into all of our projects and often a site specific Environmental Management Plan is devised and implemented when required.

Single of multiple conduits installations can be undertaken using the more conventional trenching methods, ground conditions such as shale and rock do not hinder our project as all of our trenchers and excavators are rock capable.

Due to our drilling, trenching, Cable Hauling, Internal Installation capabilities Bastow Civil Constructions can complete entire projects from inception to completion with full Project Management integration.

Inner City Construction Large or small excavation work Rock Excavations
Long Distance Trenches Various Sized Excavators

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