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The Managing Director, Operations Manager, Finance Manager and Project Managers make up our team of experienced Managers and are responsible for planning and managing all of our Projects from start to finish - including the management of telecommunications, water, sewer and electrical service contractors as required.

Our Project Management Group has the qualifications and extensive experience to effectively manage all aspects of a Project.

We undertake all the tasks required to gain approvals from Local Councils, RTA, Building Managers, Heritage Groups, Local Authorities, Third Party Stakeholders and Service Authorities.

It is the Project Management Group that establishes our Project Design, Construction Programs, Project timelines, Project Budgets, Project Quality Plans, OH&S Management Plans and Environmental Management Plans and ensure we communicate effectively with all participants to maximise efficiencies through to the final handover stage.

Our performance in this industry sector is second to none, and our reputation is exemplified by the outstanding skills of our Project Management team. Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd have the qualified staff to design Traffic and Pedestrian Management Plans that meet Australian Standards AS/NZ 1742 so that maximum safety with minimal disruption is always paramount in all of our projects.

Dilapidation Reports on the existing ground conditions are undertaken using digital photos generated into reports to liaise with Councils, Residents and Local Authorities prior to undertaking any construction tasks.Bastow Civil Constructions has built a great rapport with many Sydney Councils and Rural Shire Councils in NSW and always obtain the appropriate Permits and follow all specifications regarding reinstatement.

The Project Management team professionally organizes and handles all of the little tasks effectively alleviating the work load required by our clients to undertake themselves.Bastow Civil Constructions has a set Project Procedure that ensures all Quality, OH&S and Environmental Factors are planned, controlled and monitored for the duration of all projects.

This Project Procedure has proven to be successful for Bastow Civil Constructions and its clients and ensures full Project Management is integrated into all of its projects.Comprehensive Risk Management Processes are planned, conducted and reviewed so that all projects have minimal impact on the surrounding environment, traffic, pedestrians and the general public.

Bastow Civil Construction Pty Ltd embraces the use of its technology and experience and uses formalised methods, procedures and standardised documentation to ensure that final outcomes of any projects meet the standards not only of Clients but also those of the local councils and authorities

A Project Procedure clearly identifies specific phases of each project and provides a clear and functional roadmap, which is the infrastructure of all our client projects.

Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd Project Management Capabilities ensure that we will deliver a final product that meets or exceeds all of Clients expectations as well as following all technical specifications set out by our clients or relevant Australian Standards, whilst always maintaining minimal impact on traffic, pedestrians, business owners, residents, the general public and the environment.

Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd staff and Sub contractors will work closely with our Clients at all times to ensure delivery of quality goods and services. All construction undergoes a Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd audit at completion to ensure its quality before the Client is invited to inspect the completed project.

Once construction is finalised Project Completion Documentation is forwarded to our clients that includes:

  • All research, records of meetings and interviews, project checklists, and other relevant information gathered throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Risk identification, analyses and evaluation Report.
  • Project Checklists and Project Status Reports.
  • A copy of the Daily Forms
  • A copy of all Audits
  • A copy of all progress reports
  • As Build to specification within five working days of project completion.


Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd Quality Management Systems have been certified by a third party Accreditation Provider (Sai Global).

Quality Management Certification for Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd ensures that all end clients are guaranteed that the services provided by Bastow Civil are being quality managed.

Bastow Civil's current management processes and procedures all conform to the Australian and New Zealand Standard ISO 9001:2000.

The benefits of using a Quality Certified business such as Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd provide clients with:
  • Improved consistency of service and product performance.
  • Higher satisfaction levels.
  • Improved perception.
  • Improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Cost reductions.
  • Improved communications, morale and job satisfaction.
  • Competitive advantage and increased marketing and sales opportunities.

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