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Horizontal Directional Drilling:
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a unique drilling technique in that its non-intrusive characteristics allow drilling in sensitive or difficult areas. Visually and environmentally, there are only small entry and exit points and therefore less overall ground disturbance. Our specialised technology and high skill level in the area of HDD allows us to specialize in challenging or large scale projects - design or implementation. Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd area of expertise using the Trenchless Technology of Horizontal Directional Drilling covers the following areas:

  • River, Creek and Swampland Crossings
  • Road and Driveway Crossings
  • Large Diameter Bores
  • Small Diameter Bores
  • Short of Long Distance Bores
  • Multiple or Single Conduit Installations Bores
  • Shale and Rock Bores
  • Congested Utility Areas
  • Railroad Tracks Crossings
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Highly Skilled Operators

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) provides for a fast and accurate installation of key infrastructure products without disturbance to the ground surface.

Minimal Risk to the Public

HDD installation is an intelligent alternative for an ever-expanding, environmentally conscious society. It provides installation with minimal disturbance to the ecosystem and local communities. Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless method for installing a product that serves as a conduit for liquids, gasses, or as a duct for pipe, cable, or wire line products.

It is a multi-stage process consisting of site preparation and restoration, equipment setup, and drilling a pilot bore along a predetermined path and then pulling the product back through the drilled space. When necessary, enlargement of the pilot bore hole may be necessary to accommodate a product larger than the pilot bore hole size. This process is referred to as back reaming and is done at the same time the product is being pulled back through the pilot bore hole. Alignment of the bore is accomplished by proper location of the drill bit head as it is being pushed into the ground by a hydraulic jack.

Location and tracking of the drill bit is determined by an above ground radio detection device which picks up a radio signal generated from a transmitter located within the drill bit head. Radio signal is then electronically translated into depth and alignment within 5mm.

In order to minimize friction and prevent collapse of the bore hole, introduction of a soil stabilizing agent (drilling fluid) is introduced into the annular bore space from the trailing end of the drill bit. The rotation of the bit in the soil wetted by the drilling fluid creates slurry. The slurry acts to stabilize the surrounding soil and prevent collapse of the bore hole as well as provides lubrication.

Each drill rig is equipment to control the slurry from entering into the environment by way of a recycling vacuum tanker system; the slurry is continually managed in and out of each pilot hole without entering into the environment.

small entry and exit holes



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