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Pot Holing is a fast, convenient and no mess method available to locate underground utilities or excavate in the vicinity of high risk utilities. It is a safe and environmentally friendly method of excavating around very high risk utilities such as high pressure gas, direct buried fibre and large power cables.

The Pot Holing Truck is equipped with a 3,500 Litre Water Storage Tank

Pot Holing Truck
Pot Holing System
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Pot hole excavations use low pressure water to loosen the ground formation and then the vacuum system is used to remove the loosened ground.

This low pressure ensures that there is no damage or risk of damage to the underground utilities being located. This method can also be used for cleaning of hard surface areas such as storm water drains, sewer mains, manholes, pits and existing conduit runs.

This system is becoming the method of choice, as it is a non-destructive method in which the existing underground services are protected.

How it works

This method uses a low-pressure water jet to break up the soil and a powerful vacuum to remove the soil. The specifically designed wand can dig in any soil condition with minimal operator effort, whilst providing no threat to the existing underground services.

All operators are fully trained in the operation and use of the equipment. They adhere to strict guidelines ensuring safety and EPA regulations are followed.


  • No mess.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-destructive to existing services
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast and efficient


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