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Bastow Civil Constructions has a range of Directional Drills that ensures every possible ground condition and project location can be undertaken with maximum safety and minimal disruption at all times.
  • The Versatility of the American Auger DD4 suitable for all ground conditions and locations large and small.
  • The powerful grunt of the American Auger DD6 Rock Specialist Drill for all Large Diameters Bores in all ground conditions along with specializing in Creek / River Crossings, this machine under the operation of the highly skilled Bastow Civil Constructions staff succeeds where others have attempted and failed. StraightLine 20/20 Big performance in a compact package!

American Auger DD4

Picture of DD4


Engine Deere 6068TF150B turbodiesel
Rating 155 hp (115.6 kW) @ 2500 rpm intermittent, 140 hp (104 kW) continuous duty
Fuel Capacity 136 litres
Drilling Fluid System Triplex pump flow

Drilling Unit:

Max. thrust/pullback 33,500 lb (149 kN)
Max. rotary torque 4,000 lb-ft (5400 Nm) @ 120 RPM
Max. rotary speed 0-160 RPM
Carriage system Rack & Pinion
Carriage Speed 43 m/min
Travel system Self propelled on rubber tracks
Drill angle 13-23 degrees
Wrench/clamp Open top type
Weight, drill unit Approx, 9398 kg with pipe
Hold down system Power augers
Pipe loader Mechanical, capacity of 52 pc pipe onboard Power Unit

Diagram of DD4

American Auger DD6

Engine: Deere 6068TF250B turbodiesel
Rating: 185 hp (138 kW) @ 2400 rpm intermittent, 166 hp (123.8 kW) continuous duty
Fuel Capacity: 150 litres

Rotary Drive

Rotary System: Pinion and gear drive, Infinitely variable torque
Rotary (high torque): 10,000 ft-lb (13,558 Nm) @ 0-50 rpm
Rotary (low torque): 4,500 ft-lb (6,101 Nm) @ 0-110 rpm Max.
Rotary speed: 110 rpm
Mud flow rate: Up to 945 lit/min @ 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Fluid course: 44.5 mm

Other features:
Rear mounted mud swivel, 50 mm internal diameter, drive brake, floating carriage, digital tachometer, wireline commutator, adjustable torque limiter, Air Hammer System, 2' Air Line, 20 Litre Inline Oiler.

Carriage Drive

Max. thrust/pullback: 60,000 lb (266.9 kN) low range, Rack and pinion, four pinion drive, with adjustable force limiter
Carriage speed (HI): 19.2 m/min 
Max. carriage speed 9.8 m/min

Drilling Unit

Travel system: Self propelled on rubber tracks
Drill angle: 12 - 26 degrees
Wrench/clamp: Open top type
Weight, drill unit: Approx. 10,100 kg without pipe, Approx. 11,918 kg with 18 pieces of pipe
Hold down system H - beam stakes available, Hydraulic augers available


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