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Bed Boring is a Trenchless Technology that is used for shorter shots than done with the Directional Drill Rigs.

A Bed Borer is smaller in size and is therefore more convenient to setup in built up areas or high pedestrian or traffic areas to ensure minimum impact on the surrounding community.

The Bed Borer is a successful machine for small shots such as small Road Crossings or from a confined space such as an existing sewer or telecommunication manhole, or from other existing pit and services.

A Bed Borer is rock capable and can still achieve large diameter holes.

A bed borer used in conjunction with our three directional drilling machines ensures that all project situations are catered for.

Auger Boring is a cost effective alternative to Directional Drilling for shorter lengths, where precise accuracy is not as crucial as with HDD, auger boring is idea for under driveway installations or short road crossings.

Auger Boring is also useful where extremely wet and soft ground conditions preclude the use of vacuum boring systems.

Auger Boring
Auger Boring


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