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Founded in 2001 with a focus on Utility services, Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd has steadily expanded and diversified into a multi-disciplined company offering environmentally friendly installations and infrastructure capabilities to meet new and emerging client needs.

From Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment to Telecommunications, Gas and Electricity facilities both design and installation, we listen carefully to our clients, think about the best approach, and deliver a tailored solution.

Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd applies its expertise, experience, and resources to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd brings value to its clients by recommending and implementing the right technologies for condition assessment and infrastructure rehabilitation.

We offer flexible delivery alternatives to meet project objectives quickly, cost-effectively, and with fewer community impacts; and we help utility managers build and defend a business case for continued infrastructure investment.

Overall, our expertise provides a sound basis for building a sustainable infrastructure management program that reduces operations and maintenance costs, improves system capacity, fosters community economic development, and reduces the risk of system failure.

With the wide variety of conventional installation and trenchless technologies currently available, an experienced and multi-disciplined design team is essential in meeting the complex requirements of an underground infrastructure project.

Bastow Civil Constructions Pty Ltd expert personnel in trenchless technology can help install or rehabilitate underground infrastructure while minimizing environmental impacts and
community disruption.

Our experienced geotechnical and infrastructure designers are well qualified to plan, select, and design the trenchless technology solutions best suited to a particular condition or site.

American Auger DD6 - Rock Specialist Machine
American Auger DD6 - Rock Specialist Machine


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